In the latest Peaceville podcast episode, Greg Moffitt contacted mainman and founding member Carmelo Orlando to discuss Novembre'slatest opus, 'URSA', including the themes behind the album, and the longprocess of making their 2016 epic.

Released on April 1st on Peaceville, 'URSA'effortlessly blends soothing, epic, melancholy and intense moods and representsa high point from one of the originators of the atmospheric Death/Doom Metal scene.

Headed by founding member and writer Carmelo Orlando(with a reinvigorated musical alliance with Massimiliano Pagliuso), the line-upis completed by Fabio Fraschini (previously bassist on the Materia album), andDavid Folchitto on drums.

Anders Nyström fromKatatonia makes a special guest appearance, adding his own unique 'cold' touchto the album's single track Annoluce.

The album title, 'URSA', (the acronym for "Union desRepubliques Socialistes Animales"), was the title initially chosen for theFrench translation of George Orwell's masterpiece novel Animal Farm. Lyrically and conceptually the album is a statement against the squalor of an Orwellian apocalypse Novembre feel we're committing towards the Earth and its sons.

'URSA' was recorded at Blue Noise Studio, and Play Rec studio by Massimiliano, then mixed and mastered at Unisound Studios by DanSwano (Opeth, Katatonia, Bloodbath).

The cover art comes courtesy of the legendary TravisSmith.…collection/249/

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